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How Coronavirus has stopped the World.


A rideshare driver in China taking major precautions to avoid the coronavirus, putting a transparent box over his entire body.


This is a real photo taken from the passenger of a ride share driver in China during what has been the largest pandemic of the new decade, the CoronaVirus. 

People in the most affected regions are taking huge precautions in order to avoid contracting the seemingly incurable sickness. 

The most significant of these precautions is all of the work which has been forfeited to just staying home. This isn't so much a suggestion, but a demand from the authorities. So with everyone at home, who's responding to the millions of actions prompted by Global customers? 

China is in lock down, and as a result global trade out of the manufacturing juggernaut has virtually ceased to exist. Putting such a global impact into an understandable perspective would be like waking up one day and a quarter of businesses in your city had shut down completely. It may or may not affect you, but all the customers of those businesses are now stranded for the time being. It can be extremely disruptive.


This is particularly relevant for us here on Plewtoh, because 99% of our products are shipping to you STRAIGHT from China! This is how we can achieve such low prices. But, if there's no one on the other side fulfilling those orders how can we continue to operate during a time like this? 

Well, that's our secret ;)

Girl wearing blue face mask

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