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The Evolution on Personal Transport!

As urbanisation sprawls and our cities grow denser, convenient alternatives to driving a car are increasing in demand. We’re talking about personal transportation devices. 

We've come a long way since the days of the old Penny Farthing Bicycle. In fact, we're currently experiencing the transition from manually propelled to electrically powered personal transport. Sadly, the movie portrayed hoverboards aren't a reality (yet), but what’s available to the everyday commuter is still worth discussing. 

Surely no one felt comfortable riding this thing hahaha

Scooters have been around for some time, but only recently have we seen them integrate battery powered motors. They’ve become such a widely adopted technology that depending on the city you live in they might be an official form of public transport. The Mi Electric Scooter Pro is a great example of what an electric scooter is. With a 45km range and an ability to fold in half, it's the ultimate commuting device for the inner city worker. 


But aside from E-scooters what else is out there?

Chinese company Segway has quite a bit on offer these days. Check these cool inventions out. 

These are the Segway W1 Drift e-Skates. A pretty awesome concept as is, but we’d like to see them progress into a design similar to a Heely With a motor and wheel incorporated into a shoe.

Another by Segway is the ninebot-s. A combination of the hoverboard we’re all familiar with and a conventional segway. A more practical choice to either. For that reason, we think these might become an alternative to walking for a lot of people. 


The concept of a skateboard has certainly had a facelift in the last few years with the introduction of products like these two. The left is the ‘Sk8 One Wheel’ which has little practicality, but appears to be fun for recreational riding. The right however, is the Bamboo GTX Series Street from Evolve Skateboards and is capable of hitting 45km/ph. This board is an absolute weapon and not for the faint-hearted. So again, not super practical. But to be honest, skateboards aren’t for everybody so these are great if you’re an adrenaline junkie or want a ridiculously fun way of getting around.

Bikes were probably the first existing form of personal transport to be electrified, but the lack of portability has prevented people from using them. The Smarcircle is the answer to this problem featuring an incredible compatibility. It travels at the same speed as an electric scooter but allows the rider to sit down and rest their legs. When the rider arrives at their destination, it's just a matter of collapsing the bike into a handbag size.  Not the coolest way to get around haha, but a fantastic innovation nonetheless. 

How far can we go?

To be honest, we're only scratching the surface of what personal transport could become. The phasing out of manually propelled devices like bikes, scooters, and skateboards or even wheelchairs will really change the game. When most things are electrically powered the sky is the limit from there. Who knows, maybe a hundred years down the track, walking will be made completely redundant. We think the movie WALL-E has perfectly depicted where we're headed :') 

Fat People on Hovering Chairs



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