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What are the benefits of Wireless Charging?

We’d be surprised if you were yet to hear about wireless charging, and what it means to charge wirelessly. Maybe someone has suggested that you look into it, or told you that it’s the only way to charge now! 

We know you like the way you do things, so we’ve taken the initiative to explain some of the benefits associated with charging wirelessly.

First off, no more cables. How much time do you think you have spent fumbling cables. They create stress and mess. They’re also temperamental. We’re sure you’ve experienced a cable that only charges your phone if it’s positioned in a certain way. So wouldn’t it be better just to cut the cords and charge wirelessly? 

Secondly, it’s better for your phone. Our wireless charging devices feature overcharge protection technology. This means once your phones battery hits 100% it will stop charging. Whereas a cable will continue to transfer power into your phone after it’s battery has reached 100%, potentially causing damage. 

They’re versatile! It doesn’t matter if you have a Samsung, an Apple, a Google or a Nokia. If it can support Qi wireless technology then it can charge wirelessly. So no more having multiple cables for multiple devices. It’s a one size fits all with wireless enabled phones

Furthermore on their versatility, wireless chargers can be designed in any way making them suitable for everyone. Unlike a standard charging cable which limits the use of your phone, wireless chargers come in all forms to suit your personal needs. Our range of wireless phone chargers feature wireless charging mats, wireless charging pads, wireless charging docks and wireless charging phone mounts. 

Lastly, they look pretty neat. Cables are unsightly in all instances so remove the eyesore from your life and upgrade to a stunning Plewtoh wireless charger. We have one to suit any environment in the house, at the office or in the car. 

#Boostyourjuice with a Plewtoh Wireless Charger.

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