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Which Cars come with In-Built Wireless Chargers?

It’s no secret that features sell a car. 

A customer trusts that the car is more than capable of serving its primary purpose of driving, so add-ons and design elements are what win a buyer. Car markers have incorporated featured technologies like SatNav systems, LCD screens on head rests and Aux and USB ports. But most of the last decade of interior innovation has been made redundant by the smartphone. So becoming smartphone friendly has been the focus over the last couple of years for all good car makers. 

Built in wireless chargers have become a fantastic feature that buyers are now looking for in new cars. The convenience of hopping in and effortlessly placing your phone on a wireless charging pad appeals far more than the chaotic tangle of cables you probably have going on in your car. 

So which Car makers have innovated and recognise the value in incorporating wireless charging stations into the design of their vehicles? We made a list. 


Audi offer the option of a center console wireless charger. The wireless charging station actually sits underneath the arm rest. Reception isn’t compromised because the wireless charging box is connected to the external aerial. Another bonus to having it in this position is that the temptation to use your phone while driving is completely removed. 


Ford are offering the incorporation of a wireless charging kit on all of their new models. The wireless charging station sits in the front of the center console underneath the dashboard. The wireless charging pad itself is large enough to support a plus sized phone. 


Honda Wireless Charger

Honda is offering a wireless charging station as an option on the Civic and other popular models. It’s comes standard however in the Honda Odyssey as apart of the arm rest. As for the other vehicles the wireless charging station sits at the front of the center console. It can actually be turned off with a button and has an indicator light to show when you device is fully charged.



Hyundai Wireless Charging Station

Hyundai are also jumping on the train, but actually integrating wireless charging stations as a standard feature across most of their fleet. The i30 will be optional, as well as a few of the other lower cost models. The position of the wireless charging station is at the front of the center console. 


Jeep Wireless Charging Station

Jeep are offering a center console wireless charging pad in their Cherokee model only. The charging pad sits underneath the arm rest in the box.


Lexus Wireless Charging Station

Lexus include a wireless charging station as a standard feature across most of their new models. Depending on the model it will be incorporated into the center console arm rest, of as a fixture of the dashboard. 








At this rate, it won’t be long until most vehicles include a wireless charging station as a standard feature. As we become increasingly dependent on our mobile devices the issues caused by having a flat battery grow. Car markers are recognising this and providing great solutions. 

If you drive an old car and want to take advantage of wireless charging, then check out our range of wireless car chargers and phone holders.

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