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YoUr AiRpoDs aRe GiVInG yOu CAnCEr

Are your AirPods giving you cancer?

Remember when people used to say ‘you should use loud speaker on your phone’ or ‘don’t talk on the phone for too long otherwise you’ll get brain cancer’ without really having any justification for their insistence. Well, people have started saying similar things about Apple AirPods and all wireless earbuds alike. Their concern stems from the theory that having a wireless receiver in or close to your ear can be damaging due to radioactivity. 

Are they right, or are they just repeating what their aunty heard from her friends husbands mate.. Probably the latter, so we’ll just clear things up now. 

Jerry Phillips, a professor of biochemistry at the University of Colorado says “My concern for AirPods is that their placement in the ear canal exposes tissues in the head to relatively high levels of radio-frequency radiation.” 

That’s all well and good Jeeerrry. But we think people might be blowing the ‘high levels’ part out of proportion. Also, the word radiation cops a really bad wrap and is instantly associated with a negative stigma, so it’s no wonder why this myth has taken off among the paranoid. Radiation is emitted out of so much of the technology we currently use and will continue to use so it’s best that you become comfortable with the word now. 

Wireless technology like your Airpods or your wireless charging device emit what’s called EMF radiation (wwwoooooooo scarrryyy). Again, don’t be afraid of the word. Anyway, it’s important to be aware that there are two categories of EMF radiation: 

ionizing and non-ionizing

Things like your computer, microwave, WiFi router, phone, bluetooth device or wireless charger emit non-ionizing radiation. It’s a low to mid-frequency radiation which is generally perceived as harmless due to its lack of potency.

On the other hand you have ionizing EMF radiation which is emitted from sources like X-Rays, gamma rays or just pure Sun Light. This is the stuff that can potentially be damaging. 

So what’s the conclusion? 

Most scientific research into EMF radiation indicates that the radiation emitted from wireless devices like your AirPods is fine. You should probably be more concerned about the damage you’re doing by listening to your phat beats on 95%, 100% of the time. So next time someone tells you your airpods are going to give you a tumor, explain to them the difference between ionising and non-ionising radiation. 

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