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Plewtoh Snap and Zap
Plewtoh Snap and Zap
Plewtoh Snap and Zap
Plewtoh Snap and Zap
Plewtoh Snap and Zap
Plewtoh Snap and Zap
Plewtoh Snap and Zap

Plewtoh Snap and Zap

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Out with the old, in with the new!

The Plewtoh Snap and Zap is here to change the way you charge.  

The Problem we have solved...

How much time do you think we have lost and will continue to lose messing with cables... Or worse, putting our device on a charging mat only to find out later it wasn't placed down accurately. Well this device solves both problems once and for all. The Ultimate Wireless Charger guarantees seamless and instant connection, every time.

Here's How it works...

Magnetism! The first piece of the puzzle was finding a solution to the wireless connection dilemma. By embedding magnets into the charging device and providing a magnetic strip for the back of your phone, we achieved complete synchronicity. The phone now lines up and sticks to the charging surface perfectly, every single time. 

How YOU can use it...

In the Car: 

Using the strong spring clip, the charger can attach to any vent, doubling as a reliable phone mount. 



Anywhere else: 

The alternative is using the included sticky base. Peel back the 3m tape and stick your device down onto any smooth surface. 


Why it's awesome!? 

Saving time is awesome - No more fiddling with cables or conventional wireless chargers. 

Versatility is awesome - Attach it to your vent, stick it on your dash, place one on your bed side table, in the kitchen, at your work desk. Use it anywhere. 

Performance is awesome - 10W Wireless charging is actually pretty quick. The best part is, you can place it down, tilt it up, and watch Netflix or Youtube while your phone charges. 

Wireless is the way!

Electronic Features

The device was built to protect your phone from the dangers that other Wireless Chargers don't consider. The following features are included: 

  • Temperature Protection - In any case where the device heats up it will automatically shut off and until it's cool.  
  • Overcharge Protection - Our device stops charging once your phone battery reaches 100%. 
  • EMF ProtectionEMF is the artificial, man-made “electromagnetic fields” that emanate from such things as mobile phones.

Physical Features

- 10W Wireless Fast Charging

- Anti slip foam rim

- Stainless ball pivot - 360 degree maneuverability


- The Ultimate Wireless Charging Device 

- Mobile X Magnet

- Attachable Sticky Base

- Micro USB Charging Cable 

Included Free with every order 

1 x Spare Magnet

1 x Black 4ply disposable face mask. Help stop the Spread! 

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Plewtoh Snap and Zap
Plewtoh Snap and Zap
Plewtoh Snap and Zap
Plewtoh Snap and Zap
Plewtoh Snap and Zap